The idea behind the seminar or conference is to familiarize participants more extensively with the methodology of their chosen training or course and also to allow them to interact with examples of the practical problems that always crop up during their work. It is essentially a place where assigned training and readings are discussed, questions raised and debates conducted. It is relatively informal, at least compared to the lecture system of academic coaching.

Gain More Benefits from conference or seminar training

It cost time and money to attend seminars and conferences. How can you in future gain more training benefits from seminars and conferences?

  1. Take a careful look at the seminar or conference programme. Decide what you want to learn, set yourself definite learning goals for the training.
  2. Before the seminar or conference begins and during the first coaching interval, look out for like minded people. Ask them why they come here. What are their interests? By cooperating with others, you can together induce the seminar or conference leader to train subjects that interest you to avoid unwanted subjects.
  3. Take adequate notes, writing down brief headings and key points will ensure concentrated listening. You can recap on the training material at any time from the notes you have made.
  4. On a separate sheet of paper write down any ideas that come to you for improving your own work, whether during a lecture training or the discussion.
  5. Buttonhole the seminar or conference leader. Tell him about an important problem and ask for his thoughts on it. The speaker will feel flattered and you will get some advice free of charge.
  6. Throughout the seminar or conference try to make and maintain contact with other participants. Profit from the experience garnered by your colleagues. You may ask where they find new salesmen or what system of commission payments do they have. Any sales manager will be glad to speak from experience and you will learn something.
  7. Make use of the attendance list. Exchange visiting cards, email addresses and telephone numbers. Make a note of the private and business addresses of those other seminar or conference members with whom you would like to keep in touch. After your return, send leaflets about your company or small gifts to interested people. This will facilitate future contacts.
  8. The very next day after your return, begin evaluating the information gained from the training or the course. Report to management and to other staff about the seminar or conference and discuss with them any appropriate action. Write down two lists, one for immediate action and another for longer-term measures that you would like to take.

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