Certified Food Safety Manager (CFSM)

Food Safety in raw, packaged and tin form has increasingly becomes a matter of global interest. HACCP was established by NASA as (Codex Elimentarious) and soon after that this food safety guidelines were taken over by industries round the universe. Pakistan in one of those countries which supply a huge quality of Fruits, Vegetables, Processed juices, and other items to many countries. In this era of stiff competition one cannot look down upon the basic hygiene requirement in order to remain in the industry.

 This course provides a fundamental knowledge of HACCP Principles and the preliminary steps to establish an effective HACCP Plan. It also addresses the links to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Sanitation and hygiene and other components of the widely recognized food safety program. Also it will provides the basic knowledge about ISO 22000 Standard.

 Course Outline:

  •  Introduction to HACCP.
  • Preliminary Steps to HACCP.
  • Hazard Analysis (Principle-1).
  • Critical Control Points (Principle-2).
  • Critical Limits (Principle-3).
  • Monitoring & Sampling (Principle-4).
  • Corrective Action (Principle-5).
  • Verification (Principle-6).
  • Record Keeping (Principle-7)

Course Contents:

  •  History of HACCP, overview of principles & definitions.
  • Technical orientation; biological, chemical & physical hazards.
  • Hazard Identification for raw materials and ingredients.
  • Hazard Control Measures.
  • Structured Hazard Analysis.
  • Critical Control Points.
  • Critical Limits.
  • Monitoring & Sampling.
  • Corrective Actions.
  • Record Keeping.
  • Team Activities to address real life situation.
  • Overview of ISO 22000,
  • Pre requisite Programs standards.


The said certification is conducted by industry experts and professionals in a forum that combines lectures with team breakout session to assist with the understanding of HACCP and how to utilize it in the participant’s organization. This diploma addresses latest in international information & techniques and makes extensive use of case studies, team analysis and group discussion as well as a solid teaching program.

Who Should Attend?

  •  Professionals in Food related industry.
  • Food Safety Managers.
  • professional who wants to enter in Food Industry.
  • Management Representatives in Food Sector

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