Meridian Quality Management Professionals (MEQMP) is the premier Auditing and Training Organization in middle East, established in the year 2005, with an aim to serve the industry, economy and country as well in all the relevant concerns with a commitment to develop a Win-Win Relationship with all of its clients through Quality.

MEQMP has made a tremendous progress and has developed a large clientele came from almost all sectors of economy. The primary reason of growth is being the strong professional commitments, hard work and personal satisfaction.

MEQMP is providing management system certification  in quality, Health, Safety and environment, Food Safety, information security management solutions for companies.

MEQMP also provide training solutions to client in order to satisfy human resource development needs

Our solutions portfolio:

Customers can select from Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Food Safety, HR, Project Management, IT, Energy Management and Risk Management. We also offer the possibility of combine audit of these management systems, incorporating a wide range of recognized standards and bringing you consistency, optimization and efficiency.

Our Mission:

We are committed to bring our client an added value through our professional and customer focused services.

For Further Information please send email at mkt@meqmp.net